More Sleep Without Sleep Training Methods


We believe that sleep is affected by physical, emotional, social, developmental and environmental factors. We prioritize emotional wellbeing and the attachment relationship. We work with those factors to help you establish healthy sleep habits. Our plans use holistic thinking and sleep science to provide personalized balanced solutions for sleep challenges- which makes our plans both successful and sustainable.  Whatever your goal is - we can help-without the use of training methods , leaving your child to cry alone or suppressing your natural instinct to provide comfort.

This is not about “sleep training”- it is about sleep education, guidance and empowerment.

We promise to not:

  • Ask you to stop nursing for comfort or take away a soother but can show you how to use them and still help optimize your child’s sleep.

  • Ask you to drop night feeds, rather we will show you how you can still keep night feeds and help support your child’s sleep.

  • Ask you to withhold comfort from your child as children need to co-regulate to self-regulate.

  • Ask you to delay responding to your child when they are crying. Responding to your child strengthens the attachment relationship.

This approach focuses on the best solution for the family unit that feels organic and is sustainable. We pride ourselves on being baby and family responsive - by listening to your words we create the family specific solutions you need to reach your goals.

To learn more about how we work, you can read the following blog post:

Who do we help?

Newborns to adults.

How do we work with newborns when the it is recommended that there is no sleep training until 6 months of age? Easy - we don't use sleep training/controlled crying methods. This means you will not be asked to leave your child to cry alone at any age.

We help you establish healthy sleep foundations that has NOTHING to do with sleep "training". With the right changes, the right love and cuddles, the right timing and the right expectations of sleep for this age small progress can be made. These changes will help you continue to encourage your child's sleep as their brain matures and develops. 

We also work with school age children who are having challenges sleeping on their own or who have high anxiety.

We can help by investigating the root of the sleep challenge and provide small sustainable changes to help meet the set goal.

Sound too good to be true? We promise that it is good and it is true.


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