The Newborn Sleep Package (0-4 Months) 

This package is for those interested in learning how to nurture healthy sleep habits from the very start. At this stage, your baby will not sleep through the night as they require night feedings. This package does not provide any sort of rigid schedule and is educational in nature. The goal is to set up healthy sleep foundations to help ensure a smooth transition to independent sleep when developmentally appropriate. The focus is on attachment, bonding, and emotional wellbeing.

This package includes:

Review of questionnaires and a full intake analysis.

A 60- minute telephone call.

An individualized sleep plan which includes techniques for laying healthy sleep foundations, age appropriate sleep science, wake

 windows, how to encourage emotional wellbeing and information on naps.  

Includes a "Step 2" which shares tips on how to help your 6-month-old fall asleep independently without sleep training methods.

Investment: $175.00 CAD  $135.00 USD