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Hourly Rate: $100.00 CAD (tax included),    $75.00 USD

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Note: Our packages are for all children, including school age.

Child Sleep Package - 5 Weeks

This time frame allows for in-depth sleep work with your child as the Sleep Consultant is following daily progress over a period of 5 weeks.

With the holistic approach and no behavioral training methods, change can take time for most children. We do not “train” or teach the baby to stop signalling for their parents during the night . We focus on small and sustainable changes while working with your baby’s readiness for change. This helps us support both the family unit and child’s emotional health by not rushing change when the family/child is not ready.

The allotted 5 weeks allow time for these changes to happen organically and provides a chance for us to understand what your child needs and prefers. Children, like family units are complex and dynamic- they do not fit into textbook pages. The recommendations shared are not part of a 10 day plan taken from a book, rather they are determined by studying and understanding your child.

No two plans can be alike since every child is an individual.

This package includes:

60- 90 minute initial telephone consultation

5 weeks of support 

Daily email support

Follow up telephone calls on a weekly basis/ as needed

A step-by-step approach

Setting the Stage Sleep Guide

Review of Daily Sleep Log

Maintenance Plan (Includes tips for upcoming months)

Follow up call/email at 3 weeks post package and 6 weeks post package

Investment: $675.00 CAD   $510.00 USD
Tax included.